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Android takes the largest overall market share in the US

It seems that the combined efforts of all those manufacturers who push out Android devices in the US have now culminated in making Google’s Mobile OS the most prominent mobile platform in the country, with the largest market share over its rivals combined. According to a study conducted by analysts at Nielsen, Android-based smartphones account for 51.8% of the overall market share amongst US users.

Of the 54.9% of US consumers who, as of June this year now make use of a smartphone, 34.3% of the remaining market share was made up of iOS users, with 8.1% using all manner of BlackBerry devices and the smallest segment of 5.9% reserved for other mobile OSs, including Windows Phone and older devices running the likes of Symbian and Windows Mobile.

Smartphone market share US

In a further breakdown, Nielsen established that the most prominent Android device manufacturer in the US market was Samsung (with 17%), followed by HTC (14%), Motorola (11%) and other smaller OSs then accounting for a remaining 9%. Aside from Apple and BlackBerry, HTC again featured heavily in the other smartphone OS manufacturer segments, with the majority (2.9%) of users in the overall 3% of Windows Mobile devices sporting an HTC. Meanwhile 0.5% of the overal 1.3% of Windows Phone users were HTC owners, with Samsung equalling that quota, also at 0.5%.

Despite iOS losing out to Android, the results show that Apple are still the single most popular manufacturer overall, thanks to the iPhone being the only smartphone on the market licensed to run the company’s mobile operating system.


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