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Android update to come to Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 . Not Froyo but Gingerbread.

We just got Sony Ericsson’s latest offerings, the Xperia Play and Arc, into the office for testing; but between the build-up to all these latest additions to their premium Xperia range, the phone-maker has also announced that its ever-so-slightly-ageing X10 will be getting an Android upgrade to 2.3. (Known as Gingerbread to us foodies.)

The strangest part to all this is that Sony Ericsson had announced earlier this year that the X10 wouldn’t be upgraded to 2.2. Turns out that now it’s leap-frogging 2.2 entirely, hopping from Android 2.1 to 2.3.

The upgrade is set to become available at the end of Q2, start of  Q3. Broad strokes, and all that.

Sony Ericsson really haven’t had the best reputation when it comes to updating their Android phones; but a source recently told us that this was due to the phone’s development in 2008, when no-one was entirely sure how successful Google’s Android system would be.

Know Your Mobile picks up on the fact that the Xperia X10 arrived with Android 1.6, waited a year, and then finally got updated to Android 2.1.

According to Sony Ericsson’s site, changes will include an Android-styled camera interface, but this also means that the X10 will lose its face recognition gubbins, including the smile shutter.

The sluggish Mediascape widget-media player will be exchanged for media apps found on the latest Xperia handsets, like the Xperia Arc and Play.

This upgrade is currently only for “trade versions” of the X10, so that currently means if you’re on a network-branded phone, you won’t be getting it in Q3. More on this when we get it.


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