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Android updates coming to Samsung Galaxy series: Galaxy Ace, Mini, Gio, Fit and Tab to get Gingerbread

While we continue to wait for the Android Gingerbread roll-out on Samsung’s Galaxy S and Tab(both are still set for mid-May, that is, now), the company has now announced, officially, that the latest additions to the Galaxy fold will also be getting a delivery of Gingerbread.

This will go out to the Galaxy Ace, Mini, Gio and Fit. It’s certainly good news for the Galaxy Ace, which we found to be a great addition to the mid-range Android phone market.

They will join this vague mid-May launch date, and you’ll have to connect your phone to Samsung’s Kies software, so get that USB cable ready.

It was also announced that Samsung’s Galaxy Tab will also gain a dose of Android 2.3.

Take this mid-May release date with a pinch of salt; Samsung seems to be behind the rest of the smartphone world when it comes to updating Android. We hope they get a handle on it soon.

UPDATE: Samsung UK have updated us with the UK specifics; namely that they expect these updates to begin late in May 2011, starting with the Galaxy S. These dates are dependent on the UK network’s software approval.


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