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Androidify goes all seasonal with a winder update

If you’re still not feeling the Winterval spirit (10p Android apps and games not doing it for you?) then Google’s latest update to Androidify ought get you feeling suitably festive.

Androidify, the Android avatar creation app co-developed with Larva Labs, has been given ye olde Yuletide treatment, with bits and bobs like candy canes, Santa hats, Rudolph red noses and antlers sitting aside the regular shirts, scarves and nicknacks you can deck your ‘droid out in.

Your created Androids can be saved and messaged out to friends as Christmas cards, Web 2.0 style, if you will.

There’s also various party hats and ‘Happy 2012!’ badges. So if you’re planning on having people round to see the New Year in you could use this as the basis of your invites. Especially if you plan to see 2012 in with a LAN party/gaming fest/group rooting session.

Androidify is free to download from the Market and works on just about any Android device.