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Angry Birds champion crowned in Finland

Think you’re good do you? Think you can breeze through each new Angry Birds edition in under an hour? Think you’re an Angry Birds champion?

Well, you’ll have to prove it first, like 19 year-old Finn, Jonas Koivula, who beat his fellow countrymen and women to be crowned king. 

Apparently playing by night as he studied throughout the day, he said he practiced for two months in preparation of the finals. Now that’s determination.

2600 people took part in the Nokia-sponsored event, with 32 moving on to the main final, screened on big-screen TVs at the event.

Finalists included a couple, who both made it into the final eight, as well as a six-year old contestant, who had apparently honed his bird-flinging skills on his dad’s phone. Contestants played the game on Nokia N8s, naturally.

In each round competitors each played four levels of Angry Birds levels, whereby points were totalled and the winner progressed to the next round.

Eventual winner Koivula took home two tickets to Hollywood, and a Nokia N8.


Source: Conversations Nokia


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