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Angry Birds comes to the Nokia N8 via Ovi Store

Angry Birds is now available to download on the Nokia N8.

The hit game from Rovio Mobile which has spawned a line of cute cuddly toys (and potentially a movie) is now available on Symbian^3-powered phones.

The Nokia N8 is of course the only phone out there running on Symbian^3 at the moment, but the forthcoming Nokia E7, C6 and C7 all do as well. So Angry Birds should be available for these phones too.

Disappointingly, Angry Birds comes to Symbian^3 at a price; it’s £3 for the full game from Ovi Store, which seems a tad steep when you consider the iPhone version is 59p and the Android edition is free.

Even at this increased price though we reckon it’s worth every penny and, thanks to the N8’s HDMI-out, you can play it on an HD Ready TV. You can’t do that on an iPhone 4.

Hit up the Ovi Store on your Nokia N8 to download the full version now.


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