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Angry Birds conflict: Daffy and Miss Piggy join together in call for peace

Celebrity birds and pigs from the world of cartoons and puppets have gathered together in an  emotional plea to stop the horrors of war recently seen in Angry Birds.

In the copyright infringelicious video, made by those cads at College Humour, poultry and pork stand together in a plea to end the violence. Porky the Pig’s there- so’s Big Bird. We love the contorted CND peace sign- now lovingly recreated from Angry Birds catapult.

“Now is the time to break down the barriers between us,” says Big Bird.

Darkwing Duck tells us its now time to stop a war that to date has seen 1 billion young birds and pigs lose their lives.

Daffy adds that funds raised will go towards scholarships, “where birds will learn that they’re birds, and can just as easily fly over fortresses- instead of into one.”

Give generously, folks.

(Wait, is that Bebop of Bebop and Rocksteady fame? Amazing!)



Via: Pocket-Lint


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