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Angry Birds for Android available for free now from Getjar

Flappin’ eck, Rovio has just announced that the full version of Angry Birds is available for Android phones now. For free.

Yes you read that right; the full version of Angry Birds is available to download right now for nothing at all.

Instead of heading to the Android Market like normal, you should instead point your Android phone’s browser to Getjar’s website. From there you can download the free game straight to your phone.

Do we really need to go into further detail about this game? The object is to destroy the homes of evil egg-thieving pigs by throwing birds at their walls. It’s incredibly addicitve, endlessly replayable and has sold millions of copies worldwide. There’s even stuffed cuddly toys of the birds available and Rovio is thinking of making an Angry Birds movie.

Put everything else on hold; your social life is now officially over.


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