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Angry Birds gets a Halloween version for iPhone and iPad

More than seven million iPhone gamers have paid for Angry Birds, and another three million people have downloaded the free Android version. It’s a craze. One soon to be manifested in plush toys and (possibly) a Hollywood movie. But now developer Rovio has launched a spooky spin-off for iPhone and iPad.

Angry Birds Halloween is a separate game, not an update to the existing version. So what do you get for your extra 59p (or £1.19 for the HD iPad version)? Well, there are 45 new levels, and suitably creepy music and graphics Рincluding pumpkins all over the shop.

The gameplay remains the same though:¬†slingshot the furious feathery friends at their enemies the pigs, as well as their wooden structures. Facebook and Twitter bragging is built in, as are leaderboards and achievements. And if that’s not enough Halloween iOS fun, don’t forget to check out yesterday’s Doodle Jump update…

No news on whether Angry Birds Halloween is coming to Android, Nokia or other handsets, yet.


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