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Angry Birds Lite Beta hatches in the Android Market

Everyone’s favourite aggrieved avians are making their way to the Android Market. Angry Birds Lite Beta has landed in the Market and is available to download now.

We’ve had a quick play around with the beta and can say that it more or less handles exactly the same as its iPhone counterpart.

Unfortunately, Angry Birds maker Rovio Mobile says that the beta (aimed for devices running 1.6 or higher) is “presented on an “as is” basis, and [it] cannot guarantee its functionality on every Android device.”

Remember this is just the beta (i.e. not the full thing) so if you can’t get Angry Birds Lite Beta working, don’t get in a flap. You should know the drill with Angry Birds by now anyway. You catapult a series of birds into buildings housed by evil green pigs. 5 million iPhone users can’t be wrong, right? Needless to say that once the full version does arrive for Android, you won’t be getting much sleep, or doing much else.

We’ll be closely watching the skies for news of the full Android version which will hopefully be out before Angry Birds: The Movie becomes a reality.


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