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Angry Birds: Pigs’ point of view is to be focus of sequel

The Angry Birds franchise rumbles on. Not content with multi-platform versions of the game, plush toys, iPhone cases, a possible movie and even immense birthday cakes, Rovio has announced news of an Angry Birds sequel.

Rather than more of the same – angry fowl launching themselves at smug, baby-eating swine – the sequel will tell the tale from the pigs’ point of view.

The company is also working on a multiplayer version of the original game, with David Selle commenting, “Multiplayer Angry Birds willl be like old school Worms games.” That sounds great, but we’re less enamoured of his next comment, “We have not determined the best way for our players to experience it yet.” Ick.

Whatever you think of the horrifyingly addictive game, one thing’s for sure: it’s not going to go away any time soon. [PocketGamer via Pocket-Lint]


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