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Angry Birds Rio now available on Android Market. For free-o

Angry Birds Rio for Android is available to download now from the Android Market, for free.

This is great news for Angry Birds fans who couldn’t access the US-only Amazon Appstore, which was until recently the only place where you could get your claws on the Android version. Though it’s free to download, Angry Birds Rio for Android is conspicuously devoid of any adverts which normally occupy the top right corner of each level.

Then again, it is a big tie-in to promote the upcoming Rio movie, so we’re presuming that 20th Century Fox is covering this one. Just as well, as the animated backgrounds of the 60 levels are rather nice to look at.

In place of the usual pigs, you’re instead helping to free fellow birds who are trapped in cages, as well as facing off against some evil monkeys. Those pigs could probably do with a rest after taking a pasting in the original game, throughout Hallowe’en, Christmas and on Valentine’s Day. The poor porkers couldn’t even enjoy a quiet pint of Guinness (or twelve) on St. Patrick’s Day without being bothered by the narky birds.

As well as the 60 levels to blast your way through there are numerous hidden trophies to unlock (replacing the Golden Eggs from before) as well as empty slots marked ‘May’, ‘July’ ‘October’ and ‘November 2011’.

The app description on the Market mentions ‘further fun episodes’, so we’ll take an educated guess as to roughly when these will hit.

Update: after playing around with it for a few minutes, we noticed that the adverts are indeed intact, as is normal for free Android editions of Angry Birds. They sneakily scroll out of the way when the scores are added up at the end of a level, which is why we didn’t notice them at first. Our bad!


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