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Angry Birds Seasons gets Moon Festival update: Sky lanterns, pagodas and pigs

We’ll be honest, we really didn’t see this one coming. After the altogether more predictable Valentine’s Day and Easter-themed Angry Birds Seasons levels, we were expecting something along the lines of a Harvest Festival or Thanksgiving for next month.

But that’s because we’re uncultured western swine, the Chinese Moon Festival didn’t even register on our collective cultural radar.

Anyway. The Moon Festival update gives you 30 new levels to plough through, with acheivements and hidden pieces of mooncake for you to grab. There are 8 mooncakes in total to sniff out, which, once collected, will open up an extra bonus level.

As expected, the standard Angry Birds theme has been done over in a Far Eastern style, replete with twanging zithers and yawning, yearning erhu.

In case you haven’t recently checked your smartphone for updates, you can download the new version of Seasons now on your iOS, Android or Symbian phones.

Angry Birds Seasons costs 69p in iTunes, £1.50 in the Ovi Store and is free to download from the Android Market. The update is of course free if you’ve already bought the game.


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