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Angry Birds Seasons Ham‘O’Ween available for iOS and Android now: 30 new levels plus a new bird

Angry Birds Seasons has gone all Hallowe’eny on us again, bringing another 30 levels to the holiday-themed table. This time round, Rovio has bunged in an extra treat along with the tricky new levels, in the form of a brand new bird.

Starting off as a little orange critter, this new bird has a deceptive secondary function. Much like the black bomb birds which explode mid-flight when you tap the screen, the new bird… well, we won’t ruin the surprise for you.

But its safe to say that this new guy expands the gameplay a little bit. We certainly prefer this one to the green toucan, which acts like a kind of boomerang. Maybe it’s us being rubbish, but we never really got on with that guy.

As with all Angry Birds Seasons updates, this is totally free if you’ve bought Seasons previously. If not, you can shell out for a copy on your iPhone now for 69p, or if you’re part of Team Android, snap up Angry Birds Seasons for nothinig. You’ll get to access all of the previous Seasons campaigns including Valentines Day, the Chinese Moon Festival and the original Hallowe’en special from last year.

With a soundtrack that sounds like it was written by Danny Elfman (actually Rovio’s Ari Pulkinnen) the new Seasons levels are spine-tingling fun, featuring skeletons (which can be busted for bonus points) pumpkins and swinging lanterns galore.

Download the new levels now and check out the promo clip below. At four minutes its pretty long, so long that it requires its own credits reel…

Source: Rovio Blog via Twitter


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