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Angry Birds Seasons unleashes the Dragon in update for iOS and Android

The chaps over at Rovio never miss an opportunity to brighten our days with an Angry Birds Seasons update and on Chinese New Year weekend-eve, they have delivered. This New Year inspired update is for iOS and Android users and not only changes the backdrop and adds a new episode, but also sees the Mighty Eagle transformed into the Mighty Dragon.

In this Seasons episode you’ll find all the delights you’d expect to see from a proper Chinese New Year celebration. We’re talking sky high fireworks, bright lanterns and to top it all off … red envelopes “bursting with money”.

Not to stop there, as a special gift for its fans the premium fighter, Mighty Dragon, has been made available for free for this Seasons episode only!

Download for iOS here and Android here.

Can’t wait to check it out, you can find the teaser trailer below:


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