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Angry Birds The Movie: On its way to a cinema near you?

File this one under ‘what the…?’: Rovio, the creators of the world’s most ridiculously addictive mobile game, wants to make Angry Birds: The Movie.

Based on the success of its cinematic YouTube trailer, the company reckons that it’s ornithological cartoon stars could fill out an entire feature-length animation. Movies based on games are nothing new, but if the Angry Birds film goes ahead then it could be one of the first movies based on a mobile game.

Films about birds have been known to do well – there was Aardman’s Chicken Run which was all right, and Hitchcock’s The Birds which was terrifying. Angry Birds could sit somewhere between the two.

Basically, it could either be brilliantly amazing or a complete and utter disaster. Only time will tell.

[Source: Variety]


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