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Animate real life in real time with Doodle Cam

Reality can get a little tedious, so we indulged ourselves with a spot of cartoon action this afternoon – no, we didn’t stick on a Disney or YouTube Wacky Races – we just whipped out our iPhone and used Doodle Cam to transform normal everyday life into an animated playground.

Unlike other cartoon apps, Doodle Cam works in realtime – so rather than applying an animated effect to an image you’ve already taken, what you see on the screen is the cartoonised version.

While you can record real time videos and photos using one of eleven different cartoon effects, what we like most about the app is being able to simply watch life unfold as a cartoon. Try it next time you’ve got time to kill at a station or airport – people watching has never been so unrealistic.

Not all the effects are particularly brilliant – it gets a bit Photobooth if we’re honest – we do really like the charcoal and ink effect on the right. Unfortunately, the app only works with iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 – sorry older-iPhone users.


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