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AOSP Ice Cream Sandwich build for Nexus S now available

Maybe you don’t have one of those fancy dual-core phones. Maybe you bought a Nexus S in the hope of it receiving speedy updates straight from the source. And maybe you’re a little bummed that you don’t know when your Nexus S is going to receive a refreshing Ice Cream Sandwich treat.

Once again, the fine fellows over at XDA Developers have come to the rescue. Not only is there an AOSP build of Ice Cream Sandwich available for your Nexus S right this very minute, it’s the most functional of all the attempts across devices so far. Almost everything is working, with just a few slight niggles (you don’t really need USB connectivity, do you?), and it’s just about good enough to be used in day to day use.

If you simply can’t wait for Google to work their own magic, hit up the source link below and read the post tres carefully. There’s a video of the build in action too.



Source: XDA Developers via The Verge


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