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App Friday: 10 iPhone apps to help with your Christmas shopping

With just weeks to go until Christmas, it’s time to shop for presents, cards and food, unless you’re one of the people who already have everything sorted. In which case, well done: you can spend the next few weeks nailing three stars on every single level of Angry Birds while the rest of us panic.

Still, this year there are plenty of apps available to help with your Christmas shopping. Here’s a quick scan of 10 that are worth downloading.

Waitrose Christmas. We covered this earlier today: the supermarket has launched an app focused entirely on Christmas recipes and cooking tips, with strong tie-ins to its stores to help you decide what to buy, and where to buy it from. The list of Christmas opening hours will come in particularly handy if you end up in a last-minute froth.

Sainsbury’s / Tesco Groceries / Ocado. We’ve included all three apps, since it really depends on your preference. In any case, they let you compile shopping lists to order online and have delivered. The joy of having this as a mobile app is that you can add products as and when you think of them, without having to fire up a computer.

Amazon Mobile UK. Amazon has been the go-to website before Christmas for years now, and its app is elegant and quick when you think of a present that needs buying. We’re big fans of its Amazon Remembers feature, which lets you take snapshots of products when you see them in a store, to remember them later.

eBay Mobile. eBay recently merged its buying and selling apps, meaning it’s as good for flogging unwanted presents after Christmas as it is for finding cheap deals beforehand. Also, the app includes a barcode-scanning feature that you can use to scan a product, and see if it’s cheaper on eBay.

Shop Savvy Barcode Scanner is another app focused purely on the barcodes element, letting you scan products and then find cheaper prices online, or at local stores. Its latest update fixes a bug that had been irking UK users of the app. As you can see, apps are a great tool for bargain hunters in the run-up to the festive season.

vouchercloud is another useful app for people looking to save money. It’s UK-focused, and offers a blizzard of discounts and virtual vouchers for retailers, including some of the biggest High Street brands. It’s good for more than shopping too: restaurants, pubs, leisure and even hotels all have their own categories.

No More Socks. This isn’t a pure shopping app, but rather an app to help you organise your Christmas lists. As the title implies, the aim is to ensure nobody gets a boring foot-focused present. It lets you create events, add people, and then set budgets for each, while searching for ideas online and emailing your lists to yourself.

Cedemo – Video Game Barcode Scanner. December is the season to spot confused parents scanning the racks of Game looking for suitable console games for their kids. Cedemo may help them – it lets them scan a game’s packaging to read reviews, see screenshots and trailers, and also browse charts of popular titles.


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