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App Friday: Amazing Alex

Amazing AlexIf you’ve managed to get this far in life without coming into contact with Angry Birds, it’s safe to say that you’re not of this earthly realm. Finnish mobile games developers Rovio were responsible for the bird flinging, pig smashing mobile sensation that has grown to become one of the most widely known titles in all of gaming. Having said that, the company didn’t rise to fame overnight. It took some 51 titles before Angry Birds directed worldwide attention to its creators.

With all manner of different ports and effectively every device capable of downloading files from the internet now able to run a copy of Angry Birds, the question is where do Rovio go next? Their answer, Amazing Alex. The new game from Rovio landed just yesterday and no doubt caught everyone’s attention not wholly on the merits of the game itself, but rather by the fact that it’s the first title from the company since an Angry Birds game launched.

Available from opening day on both iOS and Android, Amazing Alex is a physics driven goal-based title. The aim of each level is to direct the various objects at your disposal to a designated target, whether that be a basket, bin or off the screen entirely. The game is comprised of four key worlds, with the underpinnings already in place for new levels to be tacked on at a later date, much like its avian predecessor.

The player can manipulate the various tools and items in the world, some being attachable, directional or rotatable, whilst others can be placed and then fall once the game’s physics is set into motion. The player needs to position all of the available components so as to not only get all the necessary objects to the goal, but if they can, hit all three stars strewn about each level. Much in the same way players are scored in Angry Birds, players here also adhere to 3 star system.

Amazing Alex 1

From the outset, Amazing Alex is an addictive game, the mechanics work smoothly and fluidly and although the initial levels explain the basic rules clearly, the idea as the levels progress is to get creative, the tools provided to the player encourage this and as such, the solution is never necessarily the same from one player to the next.

Amazing Alex 2

As with Angry Birds, the mechanics and the style of gameplay are nothing new, but as is the case with the app which went on to rack up over a billion downloads, it’s up to the gamers as to whether Amazing Alex will be a hit or a flop. Having been out less than 48 hours, it’s too early to say, but we’ll find out if it’s succeeded when we start to see Amazing Alex beach towels and backpacks in stores in place of red birds and green pigs. 


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