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App Friday: Back To The Future flies onto the iPad

Transplanted from the PC original last year, the first of Back To The Future’s five-episode adventure is released today.

The game six months after the end Back to the Future Part III , and time-travel genius Doc Brown has disappeared somewhere into time; and it’s up to you, Marty McFly to find and rescue him. The first episode sends you back into the past, and not to where you’d think…

The games has taken plenty of musical inspiration from the film; gentle string riffs play in the background as you try to save the Doc, and all the characters are voiced by sound-alikes; they even got Christopher Lloyd to reprise his role as the Doc.

It’s not got high-powered sheen of the PC, and although the graphics and animations are high-quality, and full of detail (we spotted a Weird Science poster on Marty’s 1986 wall…) some of the more action-packed scenes stutter along, and audio lags behind the character’s lips.

It follows the grand traditions of comedy point and click (tap and drag?) adventures like Monkey Island and Sam and Max. You find items solve (pretty simple) puzzles, and generally guess where you’re meant to go. If you get a bit lost, the good news is that the game is aided by a system of optional hints, to gently nudge you in the right direction. You can also get markers for where to find and investigate objects on-screen.

You control Marty with an on-screen control-stick; it can be controlled anywhere on the iPad, and swinging it to extremes forces him into a run.

Though you soon reach the end of of this chapter, it’s a whole adventure, with four more episodes yet to come, and, especially for BTTF fans, it’s a charming extension of the time-travelling franchise.


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