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App Friday: Battersea app for iPhone

Downloading Battersea, the free Battersea Dogs and Cats Home iPhone app, is a little bit dangerous. An app full of cute-as-a-button dogs and cats all in need of a good home provides a whole bucket-full of tempation to rush out and get one.

Before you know it, you’ll have drawn up a short list of potential pets taken from the app, which offers lists of dogs and cats needing permanent homes or fostering.

Along with photos of the four-legged friends, the Battersea app gives you an overview of essential information like age, breed and sociability as well as each animal’s story in a few short paragraphs. You can share your favourites quickly and easily using handy Facebook, Twitter and email a friend links too.

If all that wasn’t enough to convince you to rush out and pick up a furry companion post haste, there’s a whole section of the app dedicated to happy endings. These come complete with a number of testimonials written by the dogs themselves – cats wouldn’t deign to do something so cheesy.

It’s not all cute pics and stories though, there’s serious information about the matter of rehoming an animal. It gives you a really good idea of what to expect once you get in touch with the home and reminds you that it’s a serious undertaking.

We couldn’t tell you about the Battersea Dogs and Cats Home app without indulging in some photos. If we were in the market for a Recombu dog, we’d be quite keen on Pumpkin (middle), the serious-looking shih-tzu who needs training from scratch. Eddie (left) is a scrappy cross-breed who looks like he’d be buckets of fun – we particularly love his ears. Custard (right), the German Shephard, works well for food and treats which is pretty much how we operate too. [iTunes link]