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App Friday: Drop 7 aka Tetris maths

We’ll be honest we were slow to warm to Drop 7. This is mainly because we weren’t good at maths at school. But don’t be like us – if you’ve not downloaded this game for your iPhone or Android phone, do it right now. It’s worth every penny (£1.79 on iTunes, $2.99/£1.95 on the Android Market).

Drop 7 was described by The Sun as ‘Tetris meets Sudoku’. While that isn’t strictly true it gives you a good idea of how the game works.

You drop a series of blank and numbered discs into a 7 x 7 playing field. Whenever the number on a disc matches the same number of discs in an adjacent row or column it disappears, as the big purple number 5 disc is doing in the picture. As discs dissapear, those on top conform to gravity and fall down like in Tetris.

Blank discs have their values hidden to begin with and they need to be ‘broken’ to reveal their number. In the picture you can see the disc beneath the blue 7 in the middle about to break open. By judicious positioning of discs it’s possible to set up big chain reactions for big points.

It’s like Tetris in that you’ll be waiting patiently for the right number to come along and cursing when you get yet another grey disc. The Sudoku element obviously comes in when you’re scanning the grid, looking for the place that’s going to give you the most points and potentially trigger a big fat combo.

Then there’s the design – a clean, clear minimal playing field with an ambient soundtrack which complements the look and feel of the game perfectly.

It’s been out for over a year on the iPhone and was released for Android in January this year. Drop 7 makers Area/Code Entertainment recently released a pair of updates, bringing the game to iOS4 and sharpening up the gameplay and speed for Android phones, so there’s never been a better time to get it.


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