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App Friday: Five arty and surreal iPhone apps

We love a nicely designed app so we’re big friends of, a blog with an uncanny knack for ferreting out beautiful little titbits for the iPhone. Here is our pick of the arty apps, so don your beret, err on the surreal side and get creative.

[abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz] [59p]

A crazy little app for creating letter-based sound and motion artworks using your iPhone. As the website describes it, you can use [abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz] to create “tiny sound-creatures” each taking the form of a letter from the alphabet. These tiny sound-creatures bounce around the screen ‘reacting to gravity’ and emit their letter sound as they hit surfaces or each other. The end result is a rather lovely cacophony of funny sounds and airplane-like tails criss-crossing across the iPhone screen (pictured right). [iTunes link]

Büro Destruct Design [59p]

Make out like you’re a graphic designer even though you barely know the difference between Shake your iPhone to create beautiful graphical artworks comprised of simple circle and square shapes. You can also use gestures for different effects. Email the surprisingly calming results from the app, or save them to your photoroll. [iTunes link]

Matroyshka [free]

Who doesn’t need custom-designed Russian dolls in their life? Use Matroyshka app to take photos and of people, animals, Jack Daniels bottles, whatever and superimpose them onto Russian dolls. Why? Why not! [iTunes link]

Vellum [£1.19]

Minimalist pencil-drawing app Vellum is perfect for when you simply must do some drawing but find yourself without pencil or paper. The app allows you to create pictures that look like they were done in traditional media like pencil, ink and scratch. Use pinch to zoom for fiddly little sections, and share your creations in the dedicated flickr group – home to a range of amazingly well-crafted drawings that its hard to believe were created using and iPhone (not like my attempt, pictured left). [iTunes link]

Record Makers [free]

What better way to celebrate a decade in business than with an iPhone app? That’s what independent French label Record Makers thought, collaborating with artists Mrzyk & Moriceau to develop the Record Makers app. Soundtracked by Mr Oizo (you remember Mr Oizo, right? The’90s puppet guy?), the app allows you to create surreal art works and characters by swiping through the pre-installed base points to create different combinations – so, basically, whatever you create has the veneer of professional artistry. [iTunes link]