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App Friday: Glee for iPhone and iPad

It’s been almost two weeks since the last episode of Glee season one aired on UK TVs and the curiously addictive all-singing all-dancing teen choir fest isn’t back on our screens for three whole days more. How are you going to get through without those natty mashups and knowing how Sue Cs it until then?

The solution is to download the Glee app for iPhone and iPad. It is, frankly, amazing. Using the handset’s speaker and microphones, you sing along to songs from the show and are rated Singstar-style as you go. We’re not sure how accurately it judges your singing talent – after all, we scored pretty highly and know for a fact that we sounded like a dying fox.

Not only can you give those vocal chords a good work out to Glee hits (including Rehab and Somebody to Love), you can also listen to other app users singing their little hearts out. Hilarity inevitably ensues as tone-deaf Glee fans around the world warble their way through – just try not to projectile express yourself all over your iPhone.

If you’re an excellent singer or just really brave, you can share your own recordings on Facebook, Twitter, email or within the app itself in a bid to get other ‘Gleeks’ to follow you by favouriting your tracks. For those lacking confidence, spin the odds in your favour using harmonise and pitch correct effects – as Sue would say, “Never let anything distract you from winning.”

Characters from the show occasionally send you song requests which is astronomically cheesy but it’s a Glee app, what did you expect?

The app is a little slow, but it’s all kinds of fun (although we won’t be using it in public any time soon). Glee is available for £1.79 from the App Store – extra songs from the show are available to buy for 59p each within the app. For best performance, the makers recommend using a hands-free kit, otherwise just sing into the microphone and hope for the best.