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App Friday: Google mobile apps

You probably use Google products, such as search and YouTube, every day but you might not know that Google produces some of the best mobile apps on offer. Today we’re giving our App Friday love to Google because it really does deserve it. Not only are Google mobile apps useful, they’re free and work on almost any phone out there.

Before you download any apps make sure you know what kind of data plan you’re on and how much your network will charge you to download an app and use it. We recommend that you opt for a flat-rate data package before using any apps that access the Internet.

Google Maps for mobile
The first Google mobile app that we recommend you try out is Google Maps for mobile. Similar to the desktop version, Google Maps for mobile lets you search for a location and can offer you directions. It will show you where you are and if you have GPS on your phone then it will pinpoint your location to within a few meters. Download info here.


Gmail for mobile
If mapping doesn’t float your boat then try out the Gmail for mobile app. Although many phones support Gmail, the app offers some very cool functionality, such as being able to search through contacts. You can also search through all your emails, which is really useful when you consider that you don’t have to have them stored on your phone to look them up. Download info here.


YouTube mobile
If you’re addicted to watching YouTube videos then YouTube mobile may be the app for you. It requires that your phone supports RTSP streaming, which you’ll soon find out when you try clicking on a YouTube video. The YouTube mobile app lets you search and watch videos, in addition to being able to upload videos directly from your phone. Download info here.



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