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App Friday: Google Plus

Google Plus is very much the third social network. Despite Google’s efforts it hasn’t caught the public’s imagination like Facebook or Twitter. But Google really, really wants you to use it and has totally revamped the interface of its iOS, creating the best-looking social networking app we’ve seen and more importantly; something you actually want to use.

Gone is the clinical white background, instead Google Plus now has a stylish black, white and grey colour scheme with subtle gradient effects that feels moves it away from being a Facebook clone, to something far more sophisticated than Facebook.

Google Plus for iOS 1

Load your Stream and photographs are now displayed at full bleed, scroll through the feed and each post literally drops into view – much like flicking through a photo album – and appears to float. Text is sharp and colour scheme is a more comfortable to read for long periods.

Alongside the visual improvements, Google Plus’s interface is far more intuitive. Click on a post in your Stream and it expandss, make a comment, upload a photo, take a new photo, add a location and instantly choose which Circle to post too all from the same screen.

Circles are easier to update too, contacts are displayed alphabetically. Search for new ones manually, alternatively use Suggested People, a nice touch is being able to select which circles to put contacts in.

Google plus for ios 2

Elsewhere Messenger has been updated, as well as having a conversation with multiple people, you can video chat with up to nine friends via a Hang Out.

The app feels quick too, responding quickly with no lag uploading photos quickly over our office WiFi.

Google+ for iOS dramatically improves the user experience, it’s lovely to use and because it’s so intuitive you want to use it and keep discovering new content.

Surprisingly the Google Plus update hasn’t arrived on Android yet, which is a shame and we’re sure Google is working on it now. But if you’re a Google Plus with an iPhone forget the previous version of the app and use this, it’s a pleasure to use.


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