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App Friday: IAM Konki for iOS

IAMKonkiappYes this might be one of the more peculiarly named apps out there, but ‘IAM Konki’ aims to offer up a veritable swiss army knife of functionality in your daily life. Currently an iOS only affair, the app developed by SMWS Media offers a whole host of features ranging from news reader to deal finder.

Some of you may be asking yourself, “what the heck is a Konki?”, OK you probably weren’t but so you know, Konki is the app’s diminutive, white, monitor-faced avatar, designed to act as your guide/assistant with regards to the features on offer within the app. Once you’ve opened it up you’re greeted with a simple enough menu which covers News, Konki codes, My Konki, Konki Rocks and Home. In truth the base app offers up an impressively varied number of options, but we’ll take a look at each layer one by one.

First up the homescreen which greets you on the app’s launch not only displays links to Horoscopes, Weather and a Social Calendar but swiping left and right offers up a list of randomly generated quotes, facts, special offers, challenges, jokes and community messages. The three aforementioned links which feature under the ‘My Konki’ tab are fairly self explanatory, however it would have been nice to see calendar integration with iOS’s native calendar app.

konki screens 1

Konki Rocks offers users a LastFM style music suggestion system, the service works by scanning your iDevice’s native music library and finding similar tracks ‘from around the world’ much like the service it is no doubt inspired by.

The News tab performs story aggregation across a predefined set of categories and sources, however the range of topics available ensures that users can find a good spread of general information from the day’s affairs. We would have liked to see a ‘technology’ tab but the 10 existing headings will make do in the meantime.

Where the meat of the application lies is within the ‘Konki codes’ tab. Not unlike applications such as Voucher Cloud, the app congregates a list of deals and voucher codes defined by a number of headings such as ‘Sport’ or ‘Nightlife’, this feature does however require you to use location settings before it can work correctly.

konki screens 2

If it isn’t apparent, IAM Konki shares DNA from a host of applications available elsewhere on the App Store and aims to serve as your go-to daily application. Although it provides a wide variety of features, users may have to take a little time to grow accustomed to the nuances of the interface and the services on offer, that being said, it is an impressively versatile app and what’s more it’s free.

Users will need to sign up via the app or on, where the main content provided by the app is also on display. It’s also worth noting that upcoming features include visual customisations for both your Konki and the app as well as Facebook ID login, more voucher deals and improved Konki Rocks recommendations.


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