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App Friday: iPhone video app gives dating advice for shy guys

The idea behind new iOS app Dating: Ask a Girl is certainly singular.

“So there you are, all on your own, and in front of you stands the girl of your dreams. Pretty, isn’t she? It then hits you that you have absolutely no clue whatsoever on how to approach her, let alone interact with her,” explains the blurb.

A common dilemma for teenage boys. Yet we’re not quite convinced that the solution is to whip out your iPhone and get her to wait while you watch… a video clip of another girl telling you what you should say. As slick chat-up routines go, it’s a bit geeky.

However, developer FIPLAB reckons it’s onto a winner with Annabelle, the star of its videos – “our beautiful British living encyclopaedia of relationship advice, who will fill you in on the secrets of truly getting your game on.”

There are ten videos preloaded in the app, with the promise that if you submit your own questions, Annabelle may reply with new videos for your burning date-related questions.

“I’m at a party, have drunk so much Thunderbird I can barely speak, there’s vomit all over my N-Dubz hat, and my mum’s coming to pick me up in 10 minutes. Is this situation rescuable?”

For example.


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