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App Friday: iTunes goes gaming giddy. Sega, Gamesloft, and Capcom cut their prices

Street Fighter IV, Sonic and Spiderman are all on sale. Now we’re not exactly sure of the reasoning behind it, but several of the big gaming companies, have gone mad on their mark-downs.

Capcom, Sega, Gamesloft and EA are all in on it; and we’ve searched through their back catalogues to grab the best of what’s out there.

Sadly, Capcom only have Street Fighter IV on the cheap now, we missed out on a discount Phoenix Wright, though that’s still a steal at £3.00.

Starting with Sega, Super Monkey Ball 2: Sakura Edition, makes full use of the accelerometer in the iPad, and is an all-tilting bargain. They’ve packed 125 levels in this version, and you can even share the iPad with up to three others for multiplayer joy.

Back from before he sold out, get your high speed hedgehog thrills here- it’s Sonic 2. You can even team-up with a friend and play co-op through Bluetooth.

Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master is a personal favourite from our scrawny youth- who doesn’t like playing as a ninja? Like most Sega games transferred across to the iPhone, is played through ‘virtual’ controls that lie transparent on the screen. Chop down your enemies, just don’t walk straight into them. This one includes fighting whilst on horse-back or on jet-ski. Sounds like 16-bit joy.

One of a raft of Gameloft hits on Valentine’s Sale, Spiderman: Total Mayhem is an action game, with hints of a scrolling beat-em-up. Production values are high, though it gets a bit scrappy in places. A fun title to work through on the commute.

For 59p, there’s now no excuse not to buy this slice of fighting action. Street Fighter IV, the best fighting game on iTunes, if not the best game for a certain age-group of man-boys, somehow manages to squeeze in most of the gaming mechanics from its console brothers. Using animation frames from 3D models, it looks the business too.

With high production values, and a story that will suck you in from the start, Shadow Guardian is a paltry 59p until Valentine’s day. Get in there while you can. The HD iPad version is also on sale.

“Let’s Golf!” indeed! Let’s Golf 2 offers you 108 holes of joy, all in typical cheery pastel colours. Now with its own career mode, and multiplayer through Bluetooth, online or local WiFi.

No news on when the Capcom sale will finish, but Sega and Gamesloft will be winding up their offers on the 14th February. Buy them, quick!



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