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App Friday: LeKiosk for iOS

LeKiosk on iOSLeKiosk is, in case you were wondering French, it also happens to be one of the most popular digital newsstand apps in the country, with over 500,000 individual downloads, turning over €1.4 million last year and even that’s expected to hit somewhere in the region of €6 million this year.

The app offers up a host of specially formatted eMagazines available for purchase and download with over 600 native French titles on offer, but don’t worry, we’re not expecting you to learn the language to use the app. LeKiosk has just come to the UK and with an initial roll out consisting of 90 of some of the most well known UK publications, there’s already a broad selection to tuck into.

LeKiosk screen 1

LeKiosk’s charm comes from its user interface, specifically a virtual four-sided newsstand (with appropriate British styling) that allows you to scroll through a number of predefined categories. What’s nice is the navigation between categories, which allows the user to revolve the camera around each side of the virtual newsstand, with each side representing a different category.

To browse the publications on offer all you need do is tap the grid view icon and from there you can chose publications to sample, purchase or read straight away. The primary purchase structure is LeKiosk’s monthly plan, currently in use by over 25,000 paying customers.

LeKiosk screen 2

The UK tariff works out to a subscription of 10 magazines for £9.99 a month, with no obligation and no need to disclose payment details (payment is managed via your Apple ID), in comparison to 10 real magazine subscriptions, that’s a pretty significant saving. The LeKiosk UK portfolio may only feature 90 titles right now, but soon enough it’ll likely be powering its way to a selection rivalling its French counterpart. It’s worth trialling the user experience of LeKiosk at the very least and as we said you’re able to sample both the French and UK content on offer and if you do decide to lay down some money, no one has to know about your eclectic taste for Glamour, Top Gear, Viz and Wired.


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