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App Friday: LogMeIn Rescue, the future of mobile customer service


Mobile customer services could be revolutionised by a product from LogMeIn called LogMeIn Rescue. It works in a similar way to LogMeIn’s remote desktop access software by allowing an operator to access your phone and control it. Recently Orange announced that it will use LogMeIn Rescue to help its customers.

If you’re having trouble setting up email on your smart phone, for example, then you can contact Orange and it will send you a text message with a download link for the LogMeIn Rescue app, which it calls Expert Assistance. You then download the app and grant a technician access to your phone.

We asked LogMeIn if someone could hack your phone using the app and it assured us that people could only get into your phone if you grant them access. Orange will charge customers to use the service and it’s completely optional. Orange’s Expert Assistance service will launch later this year.