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App Friday: Music Sync PushLife

The recently released Music Sync from Virgin Media allows you to share your music library from your PC to your phone. The great thing for Android converts coming from an iPhone, or even an iPod, is that PushLife can connect (indirectly) to iTunes to manage and import your playlists and new songs.

You can sync selections of your library, specific playlists or albums, and any songs bought on the phone can be sent back to your computer. Although in-phone purchases are limited to Virgin Media’s music library, it has all the latest top-selling songs and albums, and a good back-catalogue to search through.

You’ll need to download both the app and a connection program for your PC, but it gently takes you through what you need to do. (Our tip; make sure you have a large enough microSD for the music you want.)

The music player itself has some cool extras. Strolling across from the album art whilst playing a song will take you to an artist biography, song lyrics and even band photos, all within the music player. There’s also a share button, and through Facebook and Twitter, you’re able to tell everyone exactly what you’re listening to.

Sadly, one thing missing is music controls on the lock screen. If you want to change a track or pause, you’ll have to unlock the screen, which proved to be a pain.

PushLife is competing against several other music player and library apps on Android, with the strongest competition coming from DoubleTwist, which can sync more than just music, and has the ability to pause and skip from the lock screen, but for users who want to keep using their iTunes music library, nothing so far works as well as PushLife.


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