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App Friday: Shopping List, Christmas edition

If you’re like me, you start your Christmas shopping nice and early by buying a few bits and pieces in November (sensible). By the start of December, you assume you’ve got enough for everyone without even checking (less sensible). Then, when you come to wrap everything up on December 23rd, you realise that you’ve actually bought 13 presents for your sister and nothing for anyone else (ridiculous). 

Well, don’t let that be you this year. With the Christmas Shopping List app for the iPhone you can be über organised with your shopping. This handy little app lets you create a master list with a budget for each person you’re buying for. As you decide on and buy presents, just pop the details (price, photo, notes) in and the app will tell you who you still need to buy for, and calculate how much you’ve got left to spend on each person. Because you can include a photo for each gift, it makes it super easy to keep track of present ideas as well.

Obviously it could be pretty awkward if anyone on your list got hold of your phone and found out your budget for their gift was suspiciously lower than for others, but you can avoid all that by enabling the password. Bad news for font fans though – the app makes more use than we’d like of the dreaded Comic Sans. Download the Christmas Shopping List here.

Worth noting: The same company, iDelux, also makes Grande Getter… so you can find your nearest Starbucks and plot your route to it. Brilliant for gingerbread latte lovers everywhere.