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App Friday: Spotify for iPhone gets social features

Everybody’s favourite Swedish music streaming service, Spotify, has released an update to its iPhone app which allows premium account holders to take advantage of new social features. A few weeks ago, the desktop version got massive Facebook integration – you can peruse friends’ playlists and, likewise, they can eek out all your dirty little musical secrets (I’m pretty sure most of my friends were unaware of my love for High School Musical and NDubz… shameful).

The iPhone update sees a number of these social changes integrated too; although you can’t browse other people’s playlists, you do have access to the new Spotify inbox while you’re out and about – friends can send you songs that they think you might like. It still doesn’t allow them to include a message, so you may be left wondering about the cryptic appearance of songs with pointed titles.

Spotify 0.4.5 also allows you to share playlists to Twitter from within the app itself, without resorting to an external browser – this means you can keep listening to music as you do it. Just as well, since multitasking is still not really a go for UK iPhone users who don’t have the developer pack, and will never be something anyone on an iPhone 3G will be able to do without resorting to a jailbreak.

Other handy updates include the app automatically looking for a replacement for any tracks that can’t be played and showing you the year of publication in artist and album views.

If you’re using Spotify on an Android or Symbian handset, don’t worry – Spotify assures us that updates to those apps are coming soon as well. The iPhone app update is available now from iTunes – don’t forget you’ll need to be a Spotify Premium account holder to use the app.


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