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App Friday: Super Mega Worm sends tremors through iPhone-land

Sometimes, we get over-excited about an iPhone game. It happened for Flick Kick Football, which the Recombu team are still playing to death. And now it’s happening with a game called Super Mega Worm.

(Bear with us, we know the name might not sound promising.)

You play, yes indeed, a super mega worm. It’s like the movie Tremors turned into an 8-bit game. Its name is Wojira, and apparently it’s on a mission to “destroy all the Human parasites”. That means essentially munching every pink humanoid you see, although if cows, police cars and jumbo jets get in the way, all the better.

We love it. Even though it took us a few minutes to master the slider-bar control system. Your worm spends most of their time zooming underground, emerging every so often to leap into the air, and come crashing down eating anything in its path. Snaffle up several people/animals/vehicles in one leap, and you get combo bonuses.

As you level up, you get bigger and acquire new skills. Plus it’s fully Game Center-enabled. The developers are promising a more accessible D-Pad control system in a forthcoming update, along with new modes, environments and abilities.

We love it. You will too. Promise.


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