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App Friday: Top photo editing apps on the iPhone

Its sheer ease of use and portability mean it’s easy to take a lot of photos on your iPhone.
But if you haven’t already started editing your them on your iPhone, you’re missing a trick.

Aside for Fatbooth, there are plenty of less horrific ways to edit and add to your photos. All these apps can be used on photos that have already been taken; useful when you forget to use your favourite camera app.


Like Hipstamatic, only done after the photo was taken, we were blown away by how much classier our photos looked after applying one of their photo effects.

You won’t be able to get into the nitty gritty of editing the photo; cropping, editing brightness and the rest will have to be done elsewhere, but what you make can be easily shared through Twitter or Facebook. They’ve already recently added hash-tagging to photos, making it easier to find similar photos done by others

Adobe Photoshop Express

Now the big boys are here. You can quickly crop, adjust brightness and colours, as well as apply a few lightweight and to be honest, a little dull, effects and filters to your photos. It’s intuitive, and both cropping and selecting soon become second nature. Each tool will come with a tutorial box to tell you what you’re about to do.

On the latest version, just released, you can now run Photoshop Express in the background, and to do something else while photos are uploaded. It’s also been upgraded to look extra-pretty for the retina display. Free. They could have charged for it.

Corel Paint it! Now

A few years back, Corel was the Photoshop’s biggest rival, but app-wise, they’re offering a very different product. Focusing on paint effects, pop in an older photo, or a recent shot, and you can turn it into the work of an old master, or at least make it look moody or artier. Another steal at 0p.


We mentioned it at the start, secretly, we do love Fatbooth. It’s only 59p, and though it could be considered mild bullying, we think the app is equal in its depressing fattening of pictures of your friends and family.

Choose a front-facing portrait pic, line-up the eyes and chin, and watch Fatbooth make you want to take up those new year’s resolutions again. (The warning on the app page: ”FatBooth is a funny application made for entertainment purposes only and does not guarantee resemblance to the real fattening process.”)


This’ll make your photos the look like they were taken 100 years ago. Like coffee-stained history projects that you did in junior school, effects may vary. There seems to be a lot of different styles, but they’re confusingly named “Vintage 23” .etc , making the choice of what effect to apply a bit baffling.

There is a handy random tool, just click on the dice in the corner. Sometimes pictures come out looking great; we advise using it on items or people that existed before 1930!

FX Photo Studio

If you’re really looking to make those brief camera-phone photos shine, FX Photo Studio is what’s needed, and it’s on Valentines Day sale at only £1.19.

With a huge range of ways to adjust and change your photos, (over 180 effects and filters) and additional in-app effects packs also available, you’ll be hard pushed to use everything that’s in here. There may even be too much choice if you’re only looking for simple cropping and brightness adjustments.


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