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App Friday: ustwo, the Willy Wonka app company


If Willy Wonka owned a mobile app studio it would be called ustwo. The UK-based iPhone development studio makes some of the wackiest apps available on mobile phones, including MouthOff, the app we used to create the iPhone robot mask.

Today we visited ustwo to see if its offices lived up to its apps and we weren’t disappointed. Watch our video to see where ustwo came from, where it is now and what it’s doing in the future. Aside from filming ustwo’s cool digs we also managed to interview one of its founders.

According to Mills, ustwo invested £250,000 in apps and made £120,000 from them in 2009. “We’re not in the game to make money, we’re in the game to entertain,” adds Mills, and we think that’s a pretty mad but good reason to make apps.

Keep an eye out at the end of the video for the yet-to-be-released John Burgerman app, Inkstrumental.


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