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App Friday: Viigo and a pinch of BlackBerry disillusion

We struggle to find good apps for BlackBerry phones but Viigo is one app that we always download to our RIM-made devices. Similar to Snaptu, Viigo is a content aggregator that offers news feeds, weather and other useful information. It’s really fast and you can even update your Twitter account through it.

While we’re on the subject of BlackBerry apps we’d like to take this opportunity to say that we’re really disappointed that there aren’t more good apps for BlackBerry devices. We have found a few gems, such as Viigo and Opera Mini, but the majority aren’t up to scratch.

We wonder why BlackBerry App World isn’t teeming with developers keen to take advantage of BlackBerry users desperate for attractive and useful apps? Considering how much effort is put into making BlackBerry devices look and work well, we wish that RIM would start showing some real love to its apps.


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