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App Friday: Wallpaper city guides

There’s nothing that screams ‘Tourist’ more than wandering around looking slightly lost, guidebook in hand. Wallpaper and Phaidon have been doing their level best to reduce this by packaging their concise city guides in inconspicuous postcard-sized books with plain covers but it’s still a giveaway when you have to go into the map, Joey Tribiani style, to get where you’re going.

Luckily for hapless tourists everywhere, Wallpaper has released their beautiful guides in handy iPhone app form. For just £2.39, iPhone users can get easy access to the best of Amsterdam, Milan, Barcelona, New York, Paris, Rome, London, LA and Tokyo, while trying it out with Berlin won’t cost you a penny.

As apps go, the Wallpaper one is pretty basic – there’s a lot of text to read about the city and its landmarks. But the access to essential phone numbers and directions to the sights, restaurants and hotels via quick, easy links to Google Maps will come in extremely useful. We recommend tracking down some Wi-Fi to use though, as data roaming charges are still ridiculously high.

It’s almost more of an e-book than an app, but it’s a beautiful one with lovely photography and loads of great, off-beat ideas of things to check out. The apps are available to download from iTunes.