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App Round Up – Episode 2: How to relax

We’re back for a new year with our new show – App Round Up. Every fortnight we’ll be searching through the thousands of apps available on iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry OS  to show you which good, bad and buggy apps are worth trying out for yourself, or steering clear of at all costs.

With the first month of the year already over, resolutions have already been broken, work is as hectic as ever and the cold weather still hasn’t gone away. All in all it’s no surprise that you might find your stress levels starting to rise a little bit. As such we’ve decided to take a look at some app which should help take the edge of those everyday stresses as we set about using apps to help you relax.

What’s app this week

We’ve got three apps which we think could help with your meditation, relaxation and creativity. First up is Monolith Loop, a music generation app that features a clean, striking UI designed to make creating music as simple as possible. Next up is Zen Brush, an iOS and Android app which brings the art of Japanese ink wash painting very much into the 21st century and finally we finish with Let’s Create! Pottery. Budding artists can trade in their clay and apron for touchscreen and finger in order to sculpt beautiful pots to sell at virtual auction.

We’d love to hear what you think about this new show and you can get in touch via our Facebook and Twitter feeds, or in the comments below.


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