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App Round Up – Episode 4: Organising your life

Welcome to App Round Up. Every month we’ll be searching through the thousands of apps available on iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry OS to show you which good, bad and buggy apps are worth trying out for yourself, or steering clear of at all costs.

If you find your life easily falling into disarray, we’ve collated a short list of apps designed to help keep things in order and under control.

What’s app this week

We’ve got three apps which we think could help with organise your life, streamline those mundane tasks and get things done faster and more efficiently. First up is iXpenseIt, a budgeting app which helps you track your incoming and outgoing cash flow as well as letting your display and share your expenditure on a handy set of graphs. Next up is Pocket Recorder, a Windows Phone app which takes the worry out of remembering what was said at that last lecture or board meeting and you finally we finish with Flipboard. Rather than jumping from your Facebook, to Twitter, to Instagram, to your favourite news site and back again, Flipboard aggregates all of your social media content alongside topic news from around the world in a beautifully designed package. Check out all these apps in action below:


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