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App Round Up – Episode 5: Couch Potato

Welcome to App Round Up. Every month we’ll be searching through the thousands of apps available on iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry OS to show you which good, bad and buggy apps are worth trying out for yourself, or steering clear of at all costs.

Sometimes you have those days when you want to do absolutely nothing. It’s not always possible, but thanks to these handy apps, we might be able to make your day 100% effort free.

What’s app this week

Whether you regularly like to veg out or you can feel a well deserved rest up session coming on, these apps should help enhance your brief, albeit well deserved stint as a couch potato. First up is Remote – one of Apple’s in-house apps and available across all of your iOS devices, it gives you detailed and convenient access to all of your iTunes content. Whether it’s music or videos you’re looking to enjoy, you can control everything from your iPhone without having to even touch your PC. Next up is Minecraft: Pocket Edition – the mobile iteration of one of the most popular indie games of all time: burn hours away building amazing super structures or simply surviving through the night against zombies, skeletons and spiders. The last piece of this slovenly puzzle is TakeAway – hungry but too comfortable to move? It’s OK; this app has got you covered. It uses your phone’s location to determine the nearest restaurants able to deliver to your door, so you can browse, order and if you want, pay for your food without having to get up. Check out all these apps in action below:


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