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Appblaster launches: iPhone ‘gun’ goes on sale

Apptoyz has officially launched a not-so-subtle accessory for the iPhone- a light-gun attachment which connects to the screen with two pads controlled by triggers on the gun- one for primary laser fire, and another stronger ‘bomb’ weapon on the other.

We took it for a brief spin- check out the video below.

We also talked to some of the guys behind the AppBlaster who said that they have several more toys in the pipe-line that would connect to Apple products in the near-future, with as many as twenty app games in production already.

The AppBlaster is compatible with the iPhone 4, 3GS and iPod Touch, though we found it works best with the gyroscope and stronger processor found in the iPhone 4.

Snap a plastic bracket onto the iDevice, slide it onto the gun, download the (free) app, and you’re ready to blast some aliens. It plays a lot like Face Raiders on the Nintendo 3DS, minus the headache, and with a gun- which is obviously a lot better.

The game plays out in 360 degrees, though there is an option to enable 180-degree play, in case you’re in a more confined space, like a car or train. More toys and more games, please.

AppBlaster is on sale now, £19.99 at Red5.


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