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AppFetti: Because every wedding deserves app-shaped confetti

When we first saw the iLax iPhone virus video (below) we almost completely ignored it as just another April Fools’ Day stunt – until we visited the iLax virus advisory website aka AppFetti. According to the blurb, AppFetti did indeed start life as an April Fools’ day stunt but then the people behind it realised that they might be on to something.

As you’ve probably already figured out, AppFetti is app-shaped confetti. “Appfetti can be used in lots of creative ways to help promote your app, or your wedding, or your birthday, or your dogs birthday etc. Stay tuned as we develop appfetti with built-in QR codes to point people in the direction of your whatever…”

We really love the idea and hope that it isn’t an elaborate stunt. From what we can make out the AppFetti site was created by UK creative agency DLKW and Rabbit, a UK PR agency, is involved in some way too. Since it’s almost bed time we can’t get through to anyone at either agency but we’ll make sure to confirm AppFetti’s existence tomorrow morning.

Update: We just got contacted by someone at Rabbit and it turns out that DLKW will launch AppFetti, if enough people are interested. You can show your interest on the AppFetti site.