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Apple activating 230,000 new iOS devices a day

Apple boss Steve Jobs took a direct potshot at Google tonight, revealing that Apple is currently activating 230,000 new iOS devices every day.

“People are throwing around a lot of numbers as to how many devices their operating systems are activating every day,” he said, in reference to a recent claim by Google CEO Eric Schmidt that his company is activating 200,000 Android smartphones every day. Jobs also suggested that Google’s figure includes upgrades, whereas Apple’s does not.

There were more big numbers at Apple’s event tonight, too. The company has now sold 120 million iOS devices since the launch of the first iPhone, and the App Store has passed the 6.5 billion downloads mark. 200 apps are being downloaded every second, said Jobs.

Meanwhile, the store now has 250,000 apps available, with 25,000 of those native iPad apps. The separate iTunes Store has now done 11.7 billion song downloads, 450 million TV show downloads, 100 million movies, and 35 million e-books. And here’s a sobering stat: 160 million people have registered for an iTunes account.


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