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Apple and Samsung to reduce patents in dispute

As anticipated, the legal altercations between Samsung and Apple, still scheduled for mediation later this month, are already causing issue before they’ve even made it to the San Francisco courthouse, as reported by SlashGear.

With the variety of legal cases under consideration, Lucy Koh, a district court judge for California, has requested that both companies re-evaluate which lawsuits could potentially be dropped. Before the official hearing takes place on May 21st, Judge Koh is asking for a simplification of the overall dispute for fear of confusing the jury.


As it stands the jury will have to decide as to whom’s side to take, on the basis of around 31 individual cases which make up the proceedings, including 16 patent infringements, 5 “trade dress” claims, 6 trademark infringements, 37 products linked to violations of some form or another and 1 antitrust case.

As you can see, being able to not only distinguish between the multitude of legal battles being fought (simultaneously in this case), but to then form a clear understanding of which party is in the right and which is in the wrong, is a nearly incomprehensible task for someone who hasn’t been directly involved with the cases from the off. To top it off the hearings will take place over the space of 25 hours.

There is a chance, that if these two colossi of the mobile industry can’t come to an agreement now, the case could be pushed back to 2013. That being said, Apple’s lawyer, Harold McElhinny assures the courts that he (and the company he represents) are committed to making the designated trial date. As a side note, on Tuesday Apple asked that the Samsung TVs used in the courthouse have their branding masked over, so as not to influence the jury. Subliminal messaging?


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