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Apple confirms iPhone 4S battery issue, fix coming with iOS 5.0.1

If you were lucky to get your hands on an iPhone 4S at launch then you may have noticed the dreaded battery issue that has reared its head over the past few weeks. It seems to be a common occurrence too, with users regularly taking to Twitter and various forums complaining of short battery life.

Turns out there is indeed an issue, and Apple have acknowledged it, saying that they’re working on a fix and that it will be pushed out in the next few weeks.

iPhone 4S users were regularly seeing complete drain in less than 12 hours regardless of usage. There were a number of fixes suggested across the internet, such as turning off Time Zone detection, but if that didn’t help you then you won’t have to wait much longer for Apple to sort the problem out.

When exactly? Apple also happened to seed the iOS 5.0.1 beta to developers last night, and one of the notable changes was that it “fixes bugs affecting battery life.” Typically the final release comes not too long after the betas, so that fix is within sight. Hold tight, iOS users.

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