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Apple replacing iPhone 6 handsets suffering from ‘crescentgate’

Apple is handing out new iPhone 6 handsets to customers affected by the latest hardware issue, rather lamely dubbed ‘crescentgate’, which sees the FaceTime camera slipping inside the housing.

Another week, another myriad of complaints about Apple’s iPhone 6 hardware. This time it isn’t the device bending under strain causing problems, nor is it the iPhone absorbing dye from clothes whilst in people’s pockets, or even catching and pulling out hairs from the sides of users faces. No, this time the problem is with the device’s front-facing camera which, in a few isolated cases, is slipping inside the housing, obscuring the corners of people’s photographs

The issue has been dubbed ‘crescentgate’ (it had to be another gate, didn’t it?) and as you would expect, the iPhone owners affected are mighty fed up.

The issue appears to be limited for now, but it has upset a small group of consumers, especially given the initial cost of Apple’s hardware. Impressively though, the company has taken seriously decisive action and is replacing all handsets blighted by the problem.

It’s not clear whether it’s a particular batch of iPhone 6’s which are suffering, but it seems that anyone who takes an affected device to an Apple store is being handed a new phone immediately. So if you’re suffering from a slipped snapper, don’t hesitate to let Apple know.

Since the release of the iPhone 6, Apple has had to deal with a few stutters and issues, most notably ‘bendgate’. Personally, we have little sympathy for any users who choose to leave their extremely valuable phone in their back pocket when they drop themselves down into a seat, but there was still a lot of web chatter about just a handful of cases.

Despite what I think we can now legitimately call a truckload of issues, both the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are receiving rave reviews from all who use them, and it doesn’t seem as though the hardware problems have damaged the impact the devices are making on the market. That said, a few weeks without any new issues would go a long way to improving people’s opinion of what is arguably Apple’s biggest gamble of late.


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