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Apple evidence allegedly flawed in Samsung Galaxy Tab case

In the ongoing legal battle to get the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 banned or unbanned (depending whose side you’re on), Dutch tech site has reportedly uncovered evidence that Apple presented the court with at least one photo of the Samsung tablet that it alleges could have been digitally altered to look more like an iPad.

Apple claimed that Samsung had “blatantly copied” the design of the iPad 2 in the form factor of its Galaxy Tab 10.1, saying in the written complaint to the German court that the two tablets, pictured side-by-side, were “fast identisch” (“almost identical”). However, Webwereld allege that the image used by Apple was manipulated to make it thicker and more reminiscent of the Apple tablet, thereby lending weight to Apple’s case.

Webwereld’s tech sleuths compared the dimensions of the pictured Galaxy Tab 10.1 against the official measurements released by Samsung, and found that the aspect ratio of the Samsung tablet appears to have been distorted, making it look fatter. According to Webereld’s findings, Apple’s report makes the tablet look about 8 per cent wider than in real life.

While there’s been some speculation that the Tab 10.1 pictured might be a pre-release model with different dimensions to the finished product, we took a look under the Photoshop microscope and had a measure of the device ourselves – specifically, the icons.

Sure enough, the clock and the globe icons (top left corner of the screen), usually spherical, are wider than they are tall, and by roughly the same amount the image has allegedly been stretched. Were this just a prototype with a wider display, the icons would be the regular size we’d see on any Android device.

Apple has yet to respond to the allegations and it could just be a simple mistake, but whatever the truth of the matter turns out to be, we imagine Samsung’s appeal on August 25th is going to be very interesting.



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